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WELLBOND Aluminum Composite Panel consists of two layers of smooth .02-.50″ aluminum skins sandwiching a polyethylene core, thermo-bonded by polymer adhesive film in a continuous thermo co-extrusion process, pre-finished with a premium coil coating that is available in a spectrum of attractive standard colors along with any custom color you desire, in a variety of lengths and widths to allow for imaginative design and creativity.


WELLBOND Aluminum Composite Panel is used for:

Exterior Metal Panel Cladding
Office Buildings
Public Venues / Convention Centers
Green Buildings
Government Buildings
Educational Facilities
Metal Panel Cladding / Brand Imaging / Canopy Element
Auto Dealerships
Quick Service Restaurants
Petrol Stations
Signs,stands, advertisement, etc.
Interior wall claddings
Furniture, partitions and doors, etc.