Our Technical Data


– Thickness: 1.5-8mm
– Width: 1570mm
– Length: 7000mm
– Aluminum thickness: 0.10mm-0.50mm

Product Tolerance:
Length: -0 + .375″
Width: -0 + .188″
Thickness: ± .008″ for 3 to 6mm thicknesses
Bow (length and/or width): Maximum 0.8%
Squareness: Maximum .250″

Product Tolerance:
– Length: -0 + .375″
– Width: 1570mm
– Length: 7000mm
– Aluminum thickness: 0.10mm-0.50mm

Minimum Bending Radius:
The minimum bending radius of WELLBOND® Material without cutting an aluminum sheet is 15 times the thickness of the WELLBOND® Material.

Bond Integrity:
WELLBOND® Material has been tested to ASTM D-1781-93 for bond integrity, simulating its resistance to delamination.
The following values have been established: Peel Strength – 115 Nmm/mm (Minimum)
No appreciable loss of bond strength has been determined due to normal weather conditions.

Temperature Resistance:
Withstands environmental temperature changes from -55ºF to +175ºF. The coefficient of linear expansion is governed by the aluminum sheet.

Testing Result:

1. General Characteristics

Testing resultStandardResult
Unit WeightASTM D792t3mm=4.6kg/m2 t4mm=5.53kg/m2
Outdoor Temperature ResistanceASTM D1654No Abnormity
Thermal ExpansionASTM D6961.6×10-5 -1
Thermal Deformation TemperatureASTM D648112
Thermal ConductionASTM 9760.102Kcal/m.hr
Flexural RigidityASTM C39314.0×105
Impact ResistanceASTM D7321.650kgf
Adhesive StrengthASTM D9030.85kgf/mm
Sound InsulatingrateASTM E41327
Flexural ElasticityASTM D7904055kg/mm2
Shear ResistanceASTM D7322.6kgf/mm2
Min. Bending RradiusASTM D79045mm 70mm
Fire PropagationASTM E84Qualified
Smoke DevelopedASTM E84<45
Wind-Pressure RresistanceASTM E330Passed
Properties Against WaterASTM E331Passed
Properties Aagainst AirASTM E283Passed


2. PVDF Coating Finish

Testing ResultStandardResult
Finish Coat ThicknessISO 2360(CNS 8406)º26.7m
GlossASTM D532-8920~60%
Pencil HardnessASTM D3363-002H
ToughnessASTM D4145-832T No Rift
Adhesive ForceASTM 3359-974B
Impact ResistanceASTM D2794-93>100kg.cm
Abrasion ResistanceASTM D968-9364.6 L/mil
MORTAR ResistanceASTM 605.2-9024 Hrs Pat Test Exceeded
Humidity ResistanceASTM D714-97ASTM D2247-023000hr Passed
Boiling Water ResistanceASTM D3359-BPassed
Salt-Spray ResistanceASTM D117-033000hr Passed
Acid ResistanceASTM D1308-87AAMA 605.2-91,TEST#7,7.31No Effect
Alkali ResistanceASTM D1308-87Passed
Solvent ResistanceASTM D2248-73ECCA T5& NCCA NO.11-18Passed
Color RetentionASTM D2244-93E=0.86
Chalk ResistanceASTM D4214-98Passed
Gloss RetentionASTM D2244-9389%