Surface Protective film

WELLBOND Surface Protective film: Integrated adhesive layer co-extruded film with Dupout PE materials with fancy printing and laminating, offering complete protection from fabrication processes and handling, used for any surface seamlessly without bubbling or wrinkling Remove cleanly without residue or haze, customerized printing for brand identification, instructions and manufactured for the differentiation of your product.

Applications: Pre-coated metal and uncoated metal surfaces like stainless steel, aluminum and more. Adhesive film masking also provides superior protection to plastic sheets and films, automotive and commercial carpeting, laminates, glass, composites, lacquered woods and more. It can be applied to many surface types including textured surfaces.

Key features:
Withstands diverse manufacturing operations
Tear resistant which allows masking to be removed in one piece
Can be engineered to withstand outdoor exposure
Can be LASER cut