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About WELLBOND Manufacturing Company

WELLBOND Manufacturing Company is the 1st manufacture of WELLBOND Aluminum Composite Panel in Egypt, Located in Suez.

WELLBOND Aluminum Composite Panel is a new decorative material used for internal and exterior designs the advantages of using the material over conventional material like a stones such as marble, granite wooden surface many developers, designers and architects worldwide using this innovative application materials. We obtain the certificate of 20 years guarantee for color deviation, peeling off and we are conforming the international standard.

WELLBOND Aluminum Composite Panel also known as sandwich panel consist of polyethylene core sandwiched between two aluminum sheet 0.50mm upper surface and 0.50mm lower surface these panels are very versatile and can be used in many applications.

Saw cutting, Shear cutting, Grooving, Punching, Perforating and Drilling are available.Grooving WELLBOND can be folded easily after grooving on the back skin using router, trimmer or circular saw equipped with a grooving cutter.Bending or Curving WELLBOND can be easily cold bent with press brake or a three-roll bender.Joining and Adhesion It is convenient to use aluminium or stainless steel rivets, bolts and /or screws and several adhesives and both sided adhesive tapes in order to join WELLBOND with different kind of metals.

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