About us


  • WELLBOND manufacturing company is the 1st manufacture of Aluminum Composite Panel in Egypt, located in Suez.
  • WELLBOND was found in 2008. During 10 years, WELLBOND has been well adopted by customers from both at Egypt and abroad.
  • WELLBOND have built up great sales networks and service organizations in dozens of countries and areas around the world, such as Saudi Arabia, Tanzania, Uganda, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sudan, Palestine, Kenya, and Qatar and so on.
  • WELLBOND team can always offer the fastest delivery, best shipment and perfect after-sales service for all the customers.
  • We obtain the certificate of 20 years guarantee for color deviation and sheets peeling off, WELLBOND conforming the international standards such as EOS 2013/7630, SASO 2008/2752 and holding ISO 9001/2015.


We are committed to the inevitability of further development of quality standards for all the products of WELLBOND to meet the requirements of our customers through effective management, competent staff and the latest manufacturing equipment is available to the global market.


We will work hard to be the best producer of the Aluminum Composite Panel in the Middle East.

Get inspired

Something that makes someone want to do something or that gives someone an idea about what to do or create: a force or influence that inspires someone

Inspiration can be be gained from everything or everywhere – whether from nature, music, art or historical respectively contemporary architecture. Architectural creativity, individual expressiveness and also unique form and colour concepts can easily be implemented using the wide product range of WELLBOND®.

Start Planning

Architecture is making or producing something that did not exist before. In order to realise the inspirational idea the planning process takes up a lot of time. To shorten this process WELLBOND® offers different tools and services to support you during the detailed planning stage of the project.

Fabricate the material

The material can be sawn, shaped, folded and bent. When installing it onto the substructure it can be riveted, ­screwed or even mounted as a suspended tray panel.

WELLBOND® composite panels can be shaped by means of a simple processing technique. This procedure, the routing and folding technique, enables a production of folded elements in different shapes and sizes. V-shaped or rectangular grooves are routed on the rear of the WELLBOND® panels using disk or end milling cutters, whereby the aluminium cover sheet at the front and part of the core are retained. The small thickness of the remaining material then ­allows folding by hand. A brake press is not required. The shape of the groove determines the edge radius. The grooves can be produced with a panel saw with routing device for WELLBOND®, on a CNC ­machining centre, with a panel routing machine or a hand routing machine.

Install it on the wall

WELLBOND® can be handled directly on the building site using commercially available tools. Installation is timely efficient and very durable. Due to the panels low weight, it is also ideally suitable for applications using large-sized panels.

    Factory: Factory no.6 Block.11, Ataqa, Suez, Egypt.
    Office: 22 Ahmed Tayseer Street, el Marwa Buildings – Heliopolis- Cairo – Egypt

    +202-24194137 ext. 105-FAX