Chairman Statement

Message From The Chairman

WellBond Aluminum Composite Panel has been established as the first Egyptian company working in the field of manufacturing aluminum panels used in internal and external cladding.
It was at the forefront of the company’s concerns to live up to the culture of the Egyptian market and to work hard to keep abreast of everything new in this industrial field.
In order for the company to carry out its work efficiently, it participated in preparing the Egyptian standard specifications for the products that it manufactures.
God created man and distinguished him from the rest of the creatures with the mind.
Thanks to this mind, man was able to discover many things that help in development, and he asked man to learn and teach science.
And science is a set of integrated and harmonious knowledge.
Therefore, the company decided, in support of the Egyptian market, and in recognition of God’s grace, to present this unique educational model throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt to transfer its technical expertise to all dealers in this field.
The prophet Peace Be Upon Him said): “People will come to you seeking knowledge, and if you see them, say to them, hello, welcome to the commandment of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace.” Welcome to everyone who wants to learn at Well Bond International Training Academy God grants success,,,

with respect,

Engineer/ Tarek ElAeeidi


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