Why Us?

Certified for Success
Our company and products are certified under ISO 9001 and tested and inspected by SGS and Thomas Bell-Wright.
Easy to Process
Our panels are easily machinable with ordinary equipment built for metal and wood, like saws and routers.
Extensive Color Selection
We provide a wide range of color options to suit the client’s needs and their project design demands.
Excellent Endurance
Our PVDF-coated panels are sturdy and durable and are sustainable in all weather conditions and environments, including excessive UV exposure.
Environmentally Friendly
Our products are made with environmental sustainability in mind. To achieve this, we use non-toxic and recycled material, and our processes incorporate eco-friendly procedures.
Economically Viable
Our panels are simple and quick to construct with, cost little and require no special maintenance.
Insulating Capabilities
Our PVDF-coated panels are excellent at insulating against sound and heat, leading to a more comfortable interior experience.
Perfect Texture
Our panels have exceptionally smooth surfaces and come equipped with protective film to guard against abrasion and dust during installation.
Our panels are lightweight, not only making them versatile and easy to install, but also contributing to a reduction in building load reducing the aftermath of earthquakes.


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